Why boxing works for kids by Scott Smart

Why boxing works for kids by Scott Smart

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Boxing is a fantastic outlet for kids. It unleashes all their natural energy, gives them an outside
focus, teaches discipline and lessons that are usually taught later in life.

I have been teaching kids since 2015 and although I was the coach, I too was learning during every class I taught.

Every child presents a challenge. No two kids are the same, so you must vary your approach.
Throughout the years, I have trained kids with Autism, Aspergers Syndrome (on the Autism spectrum) Downs syndrome, ADHD and a selective mute (who after 6 months of training, grew comfortable enough to start talking to his peers).Boxing always had a positive effect on them. They were always able to express themselves and as a result, grew more confident, started to love exercise and they gained new friends.

Children are sponges and boxing has great coaches who are willing to pass on their decades of knowledge and mentor them to become not only good boxers but humble gentlemen and women in our society.

At 12 Rounds Boxing, we offer a taster session. This is a free session where we can slowly introduce your child/children to boxing. You get to know the coaches and other children who will be just as eager and maybe a little nervous to learn
about Boxing as your child is.

From there, your child/children will progress onto the Fundamentals programme. This goes more into depth on the technique and the foundation on which your boxing skill is built on.

Once you graduate from the Fundamentals, you go to the intermediate class. This is where you are taught more advanced techniques and build on the skill that you will have developed from the Fundamentals programme.

At the end of each term, we hold an end of term showcase for friends and family.  This is to show what your kids have learnt and give you and indication to what they will be able to do in the future with 12 Rounds Boxing.

I can talk about why boxing is great for kids until there is no more oxygen to breathe. But you will only really know if you try for yourself.  We are running taster sessions every Tuesday at 5pm.  You can book here 

‘The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing’ – Walt Disney




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