Why I love being unprofessional

Why I love being unprofessional

If you read my blogs you’ll get that I don’t things by the book

Hell, I don’t even have a book

I used to try and write more serious blogs providing facts and information

But I’ve said before people don’t need information. We’re already over loaded

What we are craving is connection and what we connect with is honesty and vulnerability

And when I used to try and be all serious I didn’t enjoy it

It’s hard work trying to be something you’re not

Once you learn to be yourself and follow your own rules and values. Things just become easy

I’m lucky that running my own business I get to do things my way

Something that’s super important to me is having fun and I try to bring that into everything I do

My ethos its if it’s not fun then why do it?

Especially with exercise, like why would you spend time doing something you don’t like?

I’ve never understood why people go to the gym and spend hours running on a treadmill

Of course if that does it for you, then that’s great

But me? I need something a bit more interactive

Boxing ticks so many boxes for me, focus, fitness and fun being just some of them

And it’s my therapy, if I don’t box I get completely stressed out and overwhelmed

The ethos of 12 Rounds is all about making fitness fun

And it seems to be working with the law of attraction as well

The more I focus on having fun and doing stuff that makes me happy

The more of that I attract into my life

Not only am I super lucky that I get to work with an amazing team of bad ass fighters who are equally as silly as me

Our gym also attracts an awesome crowd of fun and friendly people that I love hanging out with

You get what you put out right?

If you love having fun and want to get fit in 2017. Come and learn how to box in a fun and social community

You know what to do

Hit us up at the link below

Boxing Fundamentals

Kat x

My kick-ass team below. Today we agreed to start our team meeting with 12 Rounds of sparring. What else?



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