Why online PT is working for me

Why online PT is working for me

Even as a trainer myself, consistency is something I’ve always struggled when exercising.  When I’m feeling motivated it’s easy.  I will quite happily plan my own workouts.  But it’s the days where I feel tired, where life’s got in the way, where I’ve prioritised business, clients, family….and have no energy left for myself.  On those days it’s too easy to say fuck it I’ll train tomorrow.  And all too often tomorrow is exactly the same and before I know it it’s been a week since my last workout. 

I’ve always enjoyed working 1-1 with a trainer.  I love just being able to switch off my brain and hand the controls over to someone else.  I love the connection too. Sometimes it’s just someone else checking in on you and asking how you are makes such a difference.  And being accountable to someone else really works for me.  Even when I’m tired and not feeling it, if I’ve booked someone else’s time I will show up whether I want to or not.  Now as a new mum I have even more pressures on my time so prioritising myself is harder than ever. 

I wasn’t sure about online training to start with.  To be honest I didn’t think it would have the same effect.  But I’ve been pleasantly surprised.  And let’s face it right now we don’t exactly have other options.  

For the past 3 weeks I’ve been doing online PT sessions with Chloe Montgomery 

It has been exactly what I needed right now.  I feel fitter, healthier and stronger and also just pretty damn good about myself myself as I’ve religiously stuck to my 3 sessions a week.  I’ve also had a tailored approach to help my post natal body regain strength.  As well as being a boxer, Chloe is a certified S&C coach and keeps a watchful eye on my form during our sessions.  As a new mum I’ve definetly benefited from taking things down a notch and working on some basic functional movement to regain my core strength (something I struggle to do on my own as I lack patience and rush straight to HIT training) 

So all in all I’ve found it to be a massive help in both my physical and mental health over this crazy time.  If you are struggling to get into a consistent exercise routine, find that you cheat yourself a little joining insta live sessions (let’s face it, who works to their max when no one can see you?) 

Or if you just want to feel better about yourself and feel a small sense of achievement while we are stuck in lockdown, I’d highly recommend having an online trainer.  You can book a discounted session packs with Chloe or any of our other trainers.  Just email the team with a bit about your goals and availability to organise some sessions.

Just think you could be leaving lockdown fitter, stronger and feeling good too!


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