Start your boxing Journey here

Learn the Foundations in a safe and encouraging environment

Boost your fitness levels and have fun

Meet new friends and join a supportive community

Get fighting fit in just 4 weeks

At 12 Rounds, we do things a bit differently.  

We understand that starting boxing can be intimidating.  Many gyms will throw beginners in with seasoned fighters and have a very much a sink or swim attitude.  We don’t believe this is a great experience for anyone.  In fact we take a more nurturing approach.  

We believe that people learn best and flourish when they feel safe.  

Our Boxing Fundamentals course is a 4 week course where beginners can learn the foundations in a group with other beginners.  Over the 4 weeks you will build fitness and learn techniques from the ground up.  By the end of the course you’ll be competent in basic techniques and CONFIDENT to join our more advanced classes. 


Who's it for?

Boxing Fundamentals is for anyone who is new to the sport OR has been out of action for a while. 

Some of our members are completely new to exercise.  Others may have exercised for years but are bored with the gym and looking to learn a new skill. 

In our Fundamentals course you will find people aged from 16 to 65, of any sex, shape and fitness level.  

We believe that boxing really is for everyone and strive to create a safe and welcoming environment. 


Courses start at the beginning of every month.  We advise that participants complete 12 sessions from the Fundamentals slots.  Ideally training 3 x a week to practice what you are learning AND develop a consistent fitness routine.  

There are a variety of sessions to choose from each week to allow for flexibility and busy schedules.

See booking link for course start dates and Fundamentals class slots.