30 things you didn’t know about me…..

A few months ago I promised my clients I’d email them everyday for 30 days with one fitness tip and in return I’d tell them one thing they didn’t know about me.

I failed miserably. Started off ok. But then it just became bland. I got scared of going too far and putting people off with my crazy life…

But I believe in total transparency. If I can’t be honest about who I am and my vulnerabilities how can I expect clients to be able to share their issues with me?

And besides if people don’t like the ‘real’ me then they wouldn’t want to work with me anyway. We wouldn’t be a good fit.

So here goes, my deepest, darkness secrets……

And a few other random facts
1. I was born Kathleen Teresa Hamilton
2. My parents then went on to call me ‘Tracey’ which I fucking hated! It created a lot of confusion growing up
3. I moved to London when I was 20 and renamed myself Katra, a far cooler name and kind of a merges Kathleen Teresa
4. I can’t ride a bike (fell off when I was little and never got back on)
5. I have a fiery temper and have had major bust ups with all the people I love at some pointI have degree in Marketing
6. And another one is Social Work
7. I had no idea what I wanted to with my life until I was 29
8. I spent most of my 20s drifting around the globe
9. I funded my travel working as a pole dancer
10. When I was 23 I spent about 9 months living in LA and took a lot of drugs
11. I’m terrified of heights
12. When I was 21 I wanted to be a TV presenter
13. I am TERRIBLE in front of the camera
14. Remember the TV show blind date? I once went on that (prob the most embarrassing moment of my life)
15. I also worked as a TV extra
16. I’ve always struggled with my weight
17. I was always interested in fitness but thought I was too fat to be a personal trainer
18. I can’t whistle
19. Or wink one eye
20. I’m incredibly shy and sensitive
21. I’ve had self confidence issues my whole life
22. I suffered crippling depression throughout my late 20s
23. My depression was actually what led me to a career in social work
24. I swear a lot and have no idea I’m doing it
25. I have a fiery temper and have had major bust ups with all the people I love at some point
26. When I was 27 I met John the love of my life
27. Who’s unconditional love and belief in me subsequently turned my life around
28. On our 2nd date John made me cry by making a joke about my age (I was about to turn 28 and thought I was old! He was only 23)
29. Marrying john was the best thing I ever did
30. I have NEVER been happier than I am right now :)