Why you should train like a fighter

If you are a regular reader if my blogs you could be forgiven for thinking 12 Rounds is a bit fluffy

I mean it’s run by some daft girl who likes to tell stories about her emotions and mental disorders

And that part would be true

But something you might not know is that our coaches are not just PTs but pro fighters who compete on regular basis.

You might not know the difference between a ‘personal trainer’ and someone who walks the walk and takes their skills into the ring

These guys eat, breathe and live boxing. They train to fight and fight to win which makes them experts not just in technique but in training methods

Something else you might not know is that these guys are also experts in weight loss.

It’s not just like us hoping to lose a few inches for summer, when they compete they HAVE to make their weight category or they don’t fight

And these guys love to fight. So they do what it takes takes to drop the kgs

Every time they have a fight coming up. We see them focus, step up their training and get serious about eating clean. And it works, the other week Rich dropped 8kg in a week to make his fight weight (not that we’d recommend such drastic weight loss!)

Something I believe strongly in is that if you want to be successful, find someone who’s already achieved what you want to achieve and copy what they do

So if you want to see the best results from your training, who better to train with that a pro-fighter?

Not only do they have superior skills and knowledge, they also just genuinely love what they do. There are no egos involved, just fun and passion for teaching people. All our coaches are just as happy training a complete beginner as they are coaching someone to step in the ring

So there you have it, not just fun and fluffy stuff at 12 Rounds, we have serious fighters too.

But if you do like the fluffy stuff I’m always around 😊

Have a great week

Kat x

Of course we wouldn’t want to keep this stuff to ourselves, Next week we’ll be launching our first intensive fight camp programme based on a pro boxers training regime. I spent last week as a guinea pig and I actually lost a whole 3kg just by copying their fight camp and diet. I can’t wait for summer at this rate :)

Fight camp details coming soon

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