boxing COURSES

Our courses at 12 Rounds are designed to develop your boxing skills week by week at every stage of your journey.

This starts with our 4 week Fundamentals programme, moving all the way up onto our 10 week Fight School. All the courses are structured to progress your skills at a pace that you feel comfortable with but one that keeps pushing you forwards.

BOXING Fundamentals

boxing fundamentals

Fundamentals is our entry programme.  In these classes you will learn everything you need to develop as a boxer; from how to wrap your hands and stand correctly, to footwork, punches, punch combinations and defence.  These sessions also work at building fitness, progressing you week by week. 

Courses start every month and are priced at £160  

There are 5 sessions a week to choose from to allow flexibility.  See our timetable for weekly class times. 

Train Like A Pro

boxing tech class

Want to train to the intensity of fight school but not quite ready to fight?

Over 8 weeks our train like a pro programme takes you through the journey of a fighter. You will progress your boxing skills and fitness to fight levels taking you to a new level.

Package includes 3 structured classes per week plus use of open gym slots

Investment £385

Fight School

Fight school is our intensive 10 week training camp that prepares you for the ultimate challenge of fighting in a packed show at the Clapham Grand. The structured programme will give you all the technique, fitness and sparring skills you need to step up and take on one of the biggest challenges you can face.

Our fight school programme is by application only.  You must have basic boxing skills, a lot of heart and be able to commit to the intense 10 week training schedule

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