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Lean and Mean – FAQs

  1. Who’s it for? This is for anyone who wants to lose weight and struggles with consistency and accountability.
  2. What’s different about this programme? Lean and Mean combines boxing training with strength training and a tailored nutrition plan.

Strength training

Strength training is particularly important in building muscle mass.  The more muscle you have the higher your metabolic rate.


We all know you can’t out train a bad diet.  This is the part most of us struggle with.  This programme will teach you what to eat and how to maximise your calories.  You’ll receive a PDF guide and recipe book and weekly check ins with your coach will keep you accountable.

Small group training

Lean and Mean is a small group programme so you will have personal attention for coaches.   We are offering this at a highly discounted rate for the first intake. 

Personalised Training Planyou’ll receive an assessment at the beginning of the programme to determine the exact training plan you need.  You’ll receive a PDF of this you can take away with you.


What are the training times?

You will have 3 core sessions per week and a choice of morning or evening slots

Lean and Mean Strength Mon 8am and Tues 8pm

Lean and Mean Boxing Wed 8am or Thurs 8pm

Lean and Mean Circuit Training – Sat 9am

You will also have one ‘free’ session that you can book from the 12 Rounds Timetable


What happens if I miss a session?

If you cannot attend one of the core classes, you can attend another session from the timetable as a make-up.  For the strength work you will have your own training plan so you can come into any open gym slot and follow your programme.


I want to do the programme but cannot commit to the session times.  Is there a 1-1 option?  Absolutely.  If following a programme appeals to you, you can do the same programme on a 1-1 basis and arrange your training times at times to suit you.  The 1-1 option is of course a higher cost of £1080.  This covers 3 PT sessions a week for 8 weeks and your nutrition coaching.