Fight Skool

Fight School is back!!!!! We are delighted to be able to get back in the ring following the lifting of all restrictions.  Our next fight School programme starts on 13th September with Fight night Sun 21st November.  Want to get involved?  Apply below and we’ll send you details of next intake session. 

Fight Skool is a 10 week course to prepare you for the ultimate adrenalin and fitness challenge of stepping behind the ropes in a white collar fight

Through a structured 10 week programme that involves technique work, bag, pad work, sparring and intense circuit training,  you will learn the skills and confidence to take into the ring and put yourself to the test in a White Collar Boxing show.  See programme itinerary here 

Over the course of the 10 weeks you can expect to see a massive improvement to your strength, fitness and body composition and confidence levels.  Programme is suitable for anyone from complete beginners to experienced boxers

To find out if it’s right for you, check out our FAQ’s 

Transforming your body is not really the main goal of fight skool

But when you’ve got a goal bigger that yourself it’s amazing what can happen

Stepping into the ring and showcasing your skills in front of hundreds of people is amazing motivation to get into your best shape ever as many of our members have discovered.  

Several of our members have dropped between 10/15kg during the training period putting them in the best shape of their life. 

The boost in confidence is also second to none.  The sense of achievement you get from committing to and completing such an intense programme stays with you for life. 

Check out our members stories below: 

What’s the investment?

Cost of the 10 week training programme is £500 which includes all coaching, sparring sessions and weight management/preparation seminars

There is an addiitonal £50 fight fee once a match is confirmend.  This covers corner support on the night and fighter hoodie. 

Our Fight Skool programmes run 3 x a year with start dates in Jan, April and September  

Places fill up very fast.  Apply below to secure a place