Everyday is like being in a Tsunami…..

This is quote of the weekend from My husband/carer on living with me


Exact words were its’s like being part of a Tsunami everyday. You can’t control what is uncontrollable, it’s just about damage limitation…


So I get a bit excited and jump into things with both feet. This is the case for with anything I am passionate about.


For example on the weekend we invited some people over to discuss plans for the 12 Rounds gym. So I invited everyone over, promised to bake a cake….didn’t really stop to think about the preparation (we had no chairs, mugs and I had no time to bake a cake!)


This is what happens. I get an idea in my head and I just run with it. Before I know it I’ve told everyone my idea and kind of just have to just pull it together and hope for the best…. Once the words are out there I’m committed to the project.


This is how I got myself into 3 boxing matches this year and how 10 of us will taking part in the men’s health survival run in 2 weeks time.


Tsunamis tend to gather others in their chaos…


Anyway my point is it’s about making a commitment. Once you tell others you’re going to do something it kind of leaves you no choice but to carry it through


So for today I want want you to think about a goal you want to achieve. It could be as small as not drinking coffee for a week or as big as committing to a taking part in a fight (Dora and Martin!)


Then tell everyone about it.


Email it to me and I will keep you accountable. (I might even write about you in the daily emails if I see you going off track!)


Write it down and tell everyone you know what your planning to do. That way your tied in as no one wants to look bad by not following through on what they said they are going to do.


Looking forward to hearing all your goals


Kat (Tsunami) Bryson

Motivation Nutrition Tips

I can’t spell and have no attention to detail…..

When I was studying for my masters my friend Rania had to edit all my essays, I be so busy focusing on the content I couldn’t see the huge grammar and spelling errors!

But if you’ve been reading me emails you’ll already know that. Yesterday John wouldn’t stop asking me what an AISlES was. You knew what I meant though right?

Anyway, that has absolutely no link to today’s task.

Today I just want you to cook something fresh and make enough for tomorrow’s dinner. We’re actually going out today so I’m going to cook a roast chicken for tomorrow’s dinner. It’s too easy, chicken in oven and I’m going to make potatoes a la pombre (potatoes cooked with onions and peppers) yum.

I’m also going to prepare tomorrow’s breakfast. Takes 10 mins. I make a large frittata which will do for breakfast for next 2 days. That way when I’m running in between clients I have food I can grab on the go.

To make the frittata:

chop up 1 red onion and fry in butter

add half a bag of spinach

Beat together 8 eggs in a bowl and add to frying pan

Add 1/3 packet feta

Pre-heat grill and once it’s almost cooked put under grill for 5 mins

There you go breakfast for 2 days

So that’s my food all prepared for tomorrow leaving me more time to write emails to you!

Happy cooking!


Motivation Nutrition Tips

Wandering round Waitrose on a Sat night….

That’s where you can normally find me. 10pm on Sat night and I’m getting my food shopping. Infact not even 10pm cos I’m in bed by then. More like 8.


Exciting life I lead!


You see the thing is I’ve learned that if I don’t plan my meals for the week ahead and make sure I have food in the house then it’s too easy to slip up. Then it’s down the slippery slope to takeaways and convenience foods. And telling myself I’ll start again next week.


Eating properly is really important to me so I have to be prepared.


So here’s your task for today. Go food shopping and buy some REAL food.


I don’t care when (I’m sure most of you have other plans on a Sat evening) but at some point today get some food in. You can even order online if you really don’t want to go out….


In the supermarket STAY AWAY FROM THE CENTRE AISlES with canned food and cakes and biscuits. Anything with a long shelf life is generally not good for you!


Fresh food is usually found around the outside aisles. This is where you want to be.


Buy enough food to cook a few meals as your going to be cooking tomorrow!


My suggestions would be:

Whole chicken or other meat for roast

Veg and potatoes for roast

Either beef, lamb or turkey mince – your going to cook a meal for Mon too




Cherry tomatoes

Red onion

Sweet potatoes


Or you can choose your own recipes but they MUST be made with fresh ingredients


Happy shopping!


Kat ‘rocking it on a Sat night’ Bryson

Exercise Tips Motivation

Stuck in a room with a bipolar dude, a geek and the UK’s highest paid personal trainer….

That’s how I spent my weekend

What's the result? 
Passion re-ignited. 
My mind had been totally blown away
Most of you know I've been at an event this weekend.
Here's what usually happens when I go on training course. 
I take in a lot of information, I realize there's so much 
more I don't know. I come back with a pile of notes (that 
I can't read) and then I think I need to go on another 
course to make sense of what I've just learned.
This is different 
I've learned to fall on love with my business all over again. 
I've learned what I'm good at. What inspires me. And I've 
learned a hell of a lot of things I've been doing wrong. 
One thing I've learned is that there's so much more I 
could be doing to help you all....
that's why I got into this business, to help people right? 
I've been so busy posting pictures of my food and telling 
you what I ate for breakfast...
Sending out surveys last week helped me get to know what 
your looking for. (Thanks to everyone who replied by the 
way, keep them coming!) 
The main answer I got was motivation
So things are going to change.
I've set myself a 30 day challenge. 
For the whole of November I'm going to send you an email 
every day. 
Every day I'm going to ask you to do just one thing that 
will help contribute to your health and fitness goals.....
One thing that will take you less than 10 mins
Then I'm going to tell you one thing that you didn't know
 about me (you want some entertainment too right?)
Believe me it's going to get interesting. 
You might even be a bit shocked
Cos most of you guys only know Kat the personal trainer. 
Do you think I started off eating spinach for breakfast? 
That's the message I want to get across. 
Results very rarely come overnight but most of us give up
 within weeks. 
It's taken me 5 years to get to where I am today! 
(And I'm still not perfect) 
5 years of trial and error and getting it wrong A LOT! 
But through my experience I can help you get results a lot 
I can't wait to get started
Kat (the skeletons are coming out the closet) Bryson