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Taking a back seat……

Sitting in my front row VIP seat watching the fights on Sun night, I couldn’t help but feel a bit useless.

I’m used to being at the front of all the action.

Over the last few years I’ve gone from fighter to coach to overseeing the team.

Now at 8 months pregnant, I’m forced to take a step back and let the 12 Rounds Team run the show.

And what a show they put on.

I could not be more proud.  It’s not easy for any business owner to trust others with your baby.  I am so lucky to have an exceptional, loyal and hardworking team that believe in my business just as much as I do.

The DKM Sunday evening White Collar Show was dominated by 12 Rounds fighters.    Everyone of them demonstrated superb skill and composure under pressure. The results speak for themselves.

I believe that it all comes back to the leadership and dedication of the coaches.

There are a lot of White Collar programmes out there.  Some of them even let you train for free.

I truly believe that ours is far superior in terms of the experience you get.

Signing up for something like this is not something you take lightly.  It’s a huge commitment.  10 weeks of hard, focussed training.  Putting yourself in completely unknown territory.  You will most likely experience fear, doubt and exhaustion.

Why would anyone do this to themselves you might ask?

Well coming out the other end you will be a changed person.  The self growth, confidence and sense of achievement you will experience are second to none.  If you can handle this, you can do pretty much anything.

And did I mention the physique you’ll get?  Check out the weigh in pic above.   And this happens by default – because of the intense training and healthy regime, you will automatically change shape.

If you are up for the challenge we have an intake session this Sat 23rd Nov at 11am where we will be taking a new group through a sample fight skool session. You don’t need experience but what you do need is commitment and A LOT of heart.

Places for our January programme are already filling up.  In fact 6 out of the 16 spaces have already gone.

If you want in on or our January programme follow the steps below:

1.  Fill out the application at the link here

2.  Once we receive your application you’ll be invited to come to our intake day on Sat and get a feel for the training and coaching.

3.  If we think you’ve got what it takes we’ll invite you to book onto the January course.

4.  Turn up and train. Follow the coaches instructions and watch the magic happen as we transform you into a fighter.

This programme is likely to be full in the next 2 weeks so if it’s something you’ve been thinking about nows the time to jump onboard and start training.

In the words of Mohammed Ali:
‘The fight is won or lost far away from witness – behind the lines, in the gym and out there on the road, long before I dance under those lights’

Are you ready for for the journey of your life?

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Join our Open Day for World Mental Health Day

At 12 Rounds Boxing, we’re a small boxing gym with big dreams of showing everyone how boxing can make us all better at dealing with life’s inevitable punches.
Our #BoxingMakesYouBetter Campaign launches on World Mental Health Day (10th October 2019) and encourages people to share their experiences of what boxing has done for them.

Our aim is to encourage more people (especially those who would never normally consider it) to find a club and give it a go.

To help you get involved and try us out we are holding an OPEN EVENING on Thursday 10th October from 6-9pm

6pm-6.45pm – Come along and meet the team and hear our member stories of how boxing has helped them cope with different life situations.

7pm-8.30pm – Join a beginner level boxing session and experience for yourself how a boxing session will boost your mood instantly. The session is suitable for both new and experienced boxers and will finish with a cool down and short talk on mindset strategies to boost mental well-being.

8.30pm-9pm – Join us in the bar for smoothies and win prizes in our raffle to raise money for The Frank Bruno Foundation, a charity that provides boxing sessions for people experiencing mental illness.

To book a space on the boxing session head to the link below. You just need to make a small donation The Frank Bruno Foundation on the night


We hope you can make it along to experience the magic of boxing

To hear our member stories on how ‘boxing has made them better’ follow our insta campaign at link below or search the hashtag #boxingmakesyoubetter

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13 Reasons why you should learn to box

There seems to be a trend at the moment in 13 reasons why blogs. I don’t know why it’s 13 but it seems to be popular so I thought I’d continue that theme in my blog today.

Yes you guessed right, 13 Reason why you need to start boxing

I’m sure I can think of more than 13. Boxing has changed my life for the better. At 12 Rounds we are all about changing lives too. Our members continually report that since they’ve been training with us that they not only feel fitter but they are happier in general.

Here are 13 reasons why you should bring boxing into your life in 2019

1. Ultimate fitness. It will vastly improve your cardiovascular fitness. Think you are fit already? Boxing training is unlike anything you will ever do. Where some forms of fitness like running or cycling will only work the aerobic system. Boxers work in short explosive bursts meaning you work all the energy systems and the body has to adapt to generate power quickly. It will challenge you and condition you like nothing else.

2. Improved physique. Now who doesn’t want a boxers physique? Boxing will give you lean and defined muscles and it will tone and condition the whole body. Don’t be fooled in thinking you are only working your upper body when you punch. Punching power comes from the legs upward therefore leg and core work are a big part of training. Sprints, shuttle runs and leg exercises are all part of a boxers conditioning to build the explosive power needed to throw those big shots.

3. Improved strength and power. Building on the point above, not only are you going to look better but there is no doubt you will be physically stronger. At 12 Rounds all our beginners start wth a press up test and everyone reports a massive improvement within just 4 weeks.

4. Positive mental health. This is my favourite one as it’s what I personally get most out of boxing. If you struggle with low mood, stress or anxiety, boxing instantly changes your brain set by brining your attention back to the present with the focus on technique. Combine that with a natural endorphin rush and you will instantly feel better after a training session. I’m not saying it solves all your problems, but it will definitely lift your mood and allow to take action on whatever is bothering you.

5. Lower stress levels. There is no doubt that punching stuff is one of the best forms of stress release ever. When we are stressed our nervous system releases adrenalin and cortisol to help us get us out of danger by running from it or fighting. These days most of our stress is mental and we have no way of utilising those stress hormones. Boxing helps you literally ‘punch it out’ At the end of a session you will feel lighter and more relaxed. Again it won’t stop you getting stressed, but it will give you a positive way of releasing it.

6. Learn a skill. Boxing training has a purpose. You may or may not wish to take your skills into the ring and compete but you will have learnt a new skill nevertheless. See your progression in mastering that skill leads me on to my next point – self confidence

7. Improved confidence. So you feel better in your body, you’ve stuck to something consistently and you’re seeing yourself progress in a skill. Think this might improve your confidence? You bet it will. Confidence comes from doing and taking action. If you’ve taken on the challenge of learning to box, you’ve made a positive commitment to yourself and your health. You’ve started to value yourself and your body. These are the building blocks to confidence and self esteem. Walking into a boxing gym to begin with can be scary but once you’ve got past this and got comfortable with being uncomfortable, your confidence will grow and theres no limit to what you can achieve

8. Better mental focus and concentration. In todays social media scrolling age many of us have lost the skills of concentration and focus. Learning boxing skills requires a lot of this. The more we practice and utilise the skills of concentrating and focussing the more we develop those neural connections in the brain. It then becomes a more developed neural pathway and will help us be able to focus and concentrate better in our daily lives.

9. Meet new friends. Boxing communities are extremely friendly and supportive. It may seem intimidating to walk into a venue where people are punching each other in the face, but I can assure you after the rounds it’s all smiles and hugs. Particularly at 12 Rounds we strive to create a warm, friendly and supportive atmosphere. Boxing might be a lone sport when you are in the ring but the training is very much about team work. You often work in partners with pad work and bags so you have to communicate and work together. Training is very much about team spirit and encouraging and motivating each other through the tough rounds. We love seeing the close bonds and friendships that form with our members at 12 Rounds

10. Community support and involvement. Boxing brings communities together. Get to know local people and getting involved with your community. We love finding out what our members do and supporting there local businesses. Look out for our local business net-working event coming soon!

11. Better relationships – So your health has improved, your confidence has improved, you feel good in your body and your less stressed. Think this might help your relationship? Many, many people report that they have just become a nicer person since starting boxing and have a better relationship with their partner.

12. Give yourself a challenge – stepping out of your comfort zone is how we grow. If we don’t change anything then nothing changes right? Start by challenging yourself to learn the basics and commit to a month a training. See where it takes you. Many of our members loved it so much they’ve gone on it compete in our white collar shows in front of hundreds on people. Imagine what that does for your confidence.

13. It will make you happier. So bringing all that together, you feel better, you look better, you are full of confidence with have great relationships and are taking on new challenges. Think you might be happier? We do. In fact we swear by it. We fully believe that boxing makes you better at life.

If you are ready to take that first step and join us in 2019 get yourself booked on to our boxing fundamentals course in January here

We also have gift vouchers available in you are looking for a unique Christmas present idea just email us for full details

A huge Merry Christmas from all of the team here at 12 Rounds Boxing.  We hope that 2019 is a knockout year for you

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Self Care Practice to Stay off the Punchline

Self care is a bit of a buzz word these days. It’s great that we’ve finally recognised that we need to look after ourself but what exactly does self care look like and why do we need it?

I believe it’s completely individual. For some people getting in a weekly exercise class or massage it a walk in the park is enough to keep them on form. I am in awe of these people.   On the other side of the spectrum there are people like me. I need massive amounts of rest, regular exercise and lots of time to recharge just to survive the week ahead. Late nights, alcohol and too much people time really take it out me and will completely throw me off balance. Before I know it my mental health starts to slip and anxiety sets in. I become over- sensitive and reactive. Relationships suffer, work suffers. Everything seems hard.

Yet if I just take the time to care for me I can remain strong and avoid those feelings of overwhelm and burn out. I know this and I know what to do but I still get caught out sometimes. When my energy is good I think I can take on the world. I say yes to everything. I forget that I need my downtime to recharge.

Any of this sound familiar?

Understanding and practicing self care is makes us stronger and more able to deal with life’s punches. But if we know this, why can’t we just get ourselves to do it?

Often it’s linked to guilt. Many of us feel guilty for taking even an hour for ourselves . Our self worth is so tied up in always ‘doing’ and achieving.

And sometimes it’s just down to the fact that we haven’t mastered the skill yet. Everything in life – even slowing down, is a skill that can be learned. You just need to set aside time to practice.

  • Practice letting go and releasing your stress (on the punchbag)
  • Practice just being rather than always doing
  • Practising restoring your energy
  • practice taking time for yourself

That’s exactly what we’ll be working on in my next ‘Punch it Out’ workshop. I’ll be teaching a group of ladies exactly how to put in place self care practices to avoid patterns of stress and overwhelm and stay strong and focussed.

If you know anyone who needs this you can book them a space here

Or give yourself the gift of some me time this December


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Manage your mindset and stay off the Punchline

It’s been ages since I wrote a blog

Weirdly I just haven’t felt inspired which is not like me. Usually I’m bursting with ideas

To get creative we need to be in the human brain and it seems I haven’t spent a lot of time there recently

For anyone who doesn’t know me, along with boxing, understanding brain science is my biggest passion.

Having an awareness of what’s going on in our brain and how to motivate ourselves gives us power.

You know when you feel stuck and just can’t get yourself to take action, even though you really really want to?
That’s your primal animal brain in play.

According to triune brain theory there are 3 layers to the brain.
Below our thoughtful human brain lies our emotional and tribal mammalian brain that seeks safety through acceptance and belonging to our tribe or pack. Our reptile brain is our survival mechanism that reacts in fight, flight or freeze when under any form of threat. These ‘animals’ are still very much active and part of us. Their purpose is to keep us safe from anything that could threaten our survival.

Our biggest threat today is social threat. What other people think of us, are we being judged? Do we feel a sense of belonging and acceptance? We are essentially pack animals. The stronger our social connections, the safer we feel. When we feel safe that’s when we get to play in our human brain. That’s where focus, goals, dreams, creativity and self actualisation are possible.
When we are not in the human brain it’s impossible to make decisions, find solutions or get creative. That part of the brain is offline. Until we can get human we are pretty much at the mercy of the animals, stuck in a reactive cycle of behaviours that don’t serve us

So what do we do about it?

Having an awareness is the first step to change. If we want to change our behaviour first we have to notice it, observe it and understand it

Changing our mindset like any other skill, is a practice. It doesn’t happen overnight. Knowing this stuff isn’t enough either. I’ve known about this for several years now but I still get caught out.

Just like we practice our punches and defence in training. If we want to stay human, we need to practice the behaviours that keep us off the punchline and out of threat

This means understanding how we can influence our environments to change how we feel and set ourselves up for the best possible outcome

It means becoming aware of and mastering our self talk and continually working on our connection and our relationship with ourself

It means understanding that stress, anxiety, overwhelm and other negative behaviours that keep us stuck are just our brain trying to keep us safe. But they also keep us stuck and stop us moving forward and limit our self growth. Understanding what lies beneath them, almost always fear of failure and not being good enough and continually working to build our self esteem is key to our success

Boxing is a tool to take us out of our reactive primal brains but if we don’t do the other work, the work on our relationship with ourselves, we just end up back there very quickly, reacting to life’s punches

Boxing AND working on your brain together will make you unstoppable