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Lacking Motivation?

I’ve had lots of emails from people agreeing that they’ve been lacking motivation as the winter nights come in.

Once you lose your routine, it’s always harder to get back into it.

We all do it, lie to ourselves saying we’ll start again next week. Then come up with a million excuses why we didn’t do anything about it.

We tell ourselves we’re too tired, forgetting that training will actually give us more energy, help us combat stress, lower blood pressure, the list is endless. We forget that exercise just makes us feel better.

We’re too busy. Really? You had time to watch Eastenders….

I can’t get away from work. With all the extra energy training will give you, you could get in an hour early tomorrow and actually be more productive…..

But don’t listen to me.

Hear it instead from the horses mouth. This is a fb post from my old PT client and good friend Emma about letting her Muay Thai training slide…

‘when am I ever going to learn that when I’m stressed anxious or depressed I need to prioritise exercise. I repeat the same pattern at least every 6 months and every time I finally manage to drag my very sorry arse (and brand new muffin top) back to Muay Thai I wonder why I waited so long’

Enough said. Don’t leave it till January!

Look forward to seeing a busy turnout at classes this week ūüôā


Kat (no more excuses) Bryson

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I’m giving up baking cakes….

I have 2 cakes leftover from the weekend in my kitchen at the moment. All being……reasonably healthy cakes, no gluten, flour (I got the spelling right!) or sugar. But still cake, rich, calorie dense cake.

Do you think I can walk past them without having a bit? I have zero will power. I can’t have treats in the house. If I know they are there I will scoff them!

So I’m binning the rest of the cake.

That’s your tip for the day. Go through your cupboards and bin all the crap.

I mean it. Biscuits cakes, cereal bars (even worse!) you’ll only be tempered to eat them. And don’t give them away to your friend/neighbour, unless you want to make them fat? That stuff is crap and bad for you, throw it away!

Parents I know you might find this one tough. I mean who hasn’t been eating the kids Halloween goodies? Try putting the kids treats in a lockable box or better still get the kids to count them, they will keep you right if any go missing……

On the run up to Christmas this is when we tend to fall off the wagon. Tomorrow I’ll tell you the story of how I got fat last December…….

and I’ll be putting together a 28 day nutrition group programme to keep you all on the straight and narrow on the run up to party season…..more about that tomorrow too.


Kat (I didn’t eat the cake honest) Bryson

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I don’t like water….

‘I don’t like drinking water, it’s too cold’


That was the response from my mum when I suggested drinking more water might help her lose weight.

Is that not the most ridiculous thing you’ve ever heard? (Sorry mum but it is!)

I don’t like a lot of things. I actually drink a supplement drink everyday that I’m not too thrilled about but I know it’s good for me so I get it down me!

Seriously though we all know we should drink more water. It really does help with metabolism and to flush out those toxins that are locked in our fat cells.

So no more excuses

Simple task for today drink minimum of 2.5 litres of water. Buy a 2litre bottle and finish it…….then fill it up some more.

Try it for one day and see how easy it is.

You might spend a bit more time in the loo but your body will thank you for it!

Kat (always in the loo!) Bryson

Weight Loss

Just breathe….

I'm a total stress head.  
Some of you will already know this about me. 
I actually stress about being stressed! Like many of us, 
I find it really hard to slow down and relax.  I hardly 
ever switch off.  
This means my sympathetic nervous system is in overdrive 
making it harder to lose weight.  
Now I know I'm not alone here. Most of you are probably 
stressed out right? How did your day start today? you 
rushed to get out the door for work, grabbed a coffee 
on the way and opened your laptop to 50 new emails you 
have no idea how to deal with.........or you maybe your
stressed out trying to get the kids out the door to 
school.  Ellie won't eat her breakfast, Ben doesn't want 
to go to school.  Your feeling knackered and it's only 9am.  
So here's what I want you to do today.  
Take 10 mins out, find somewhere quiet, sit down and just 
That's it.  
Allow yourself to do absolutely nothing for 10 mins. 
No checking emails or Facebook  (I'm going to 
struggle with this one) and breathe properly, 
from your diaphragm.  
I know some of you won't even know how to do this as 
most of us breathe from our chest which actually makes 
us more wired! Push your rib age down as you breathe in 
until you can see your stomach pushed out.  
If your like me and the thoughts will still be racing 
through your head.  Try and just observe them and let 
them go.  Don't try to resist.  Just 10 mins meditation 
can really help your energy levels.  
Now that was easy, wasn't it? 
Ok now here's the funny story.
I have no idea what I'm going to write to you for the 
next 30 days! 
But I figure that adding one new good habit a day will 
actually have a big impact on your overall health.
AND I've make a commitment to email though so you must 
keep me accountable.  If I can write an email everyday, 
you can manage one small change right? 
If I fail to send an email for the next 30 days, the 
fine is 30 burpees in class or you can decide the 
Until tomorrow....
Kat (I'm making it up as I go along) Bryson
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New Year Resolutions?

So it’s that time of year again where we resolve to quit drinking, get fit, give up chocolate, eat healthier…..however most New Years Resolutions fail within the first few months and are a distant memory by April. By Easter we are vowing to give up chocolate all over again right?

So what’s the secret to keeping your New Years Resolutions this year?

Set achievable goals

The first step is setting yourself achievable goals that are in line with your values. Eg if your values involve going out socialising every weekend, giving up drinking is probably going to be unrealistic and you are setting yourself up to fail. Set yourself realistic goals and commit to them.

Be specific! 

Be specific about your goal and think about the language you use. Saying I would like to lose some weight, means you haven’t really decided. It’s just something you would like to happen in the distant future. I will lose 5kg by April 2013 is a much more effective goal which is more likely to happen.

Measure your progress  

Think about how you can measure your goal.  If your resolution is to lose weight, are you going to have regular weigh ins or bodyfat measurements taken? otherwise how do you know what you are doing is working?


Keep your goals realistic. Most people fail as they try to take on too much too soon. ¬†Don’t attempt to run a marathon if you’ve never ran a km! Start with an achievable goal of completing a 10k.¬†¬†If you‚Äôre planning to start a healthy diet, make a meal plan and go food shopping beforehand. Then you have no excuse to get started.

Set a date! 

Creating a timeline to reach your goal will also keep you focused. If you don’t have an end date in mind it’s too easy to go off track + tell yourself you’ll start tomorrow.


Stay focused on your goal can often be the difficult bit. ¬†Circumstances change and life gets in the way and it can be easy to lose site of your goal. Those who succeed are strongly¬†focused¬†on what they set out to achieve. ¬†They spend time¬†visualizing¬†achieving their goal and do not allow any other thoughts or circumstances to stray them off the path. Having regular check ins with a trainer or coach to monitor your progress can also be helpful. ¬†During the course you‚Äôre likely going to up against barriers and need some on-going motivation to continue. ¬†Having someone to remind you of why you set the goal in the first place and why it’s important to you to reach it can be a big help to keeping you on track!

Book a session now! 

Which is where we come in at 12 Rounds Boxing. Now¬†you’ve¬†made a decision about what you want to achieve, what are you waiting for? ¬†Book yourself a training package now! ¬†We have a full range of classes for all levels of fitness and abilities or go a step further and book a personal training package.¬† Benefit from 1.1 instruction at a time to suit you! Our trainers will be there to motivate you, push you and monitor your progress and ensure that this time you really do get the results you want in 2013!

Contact us now and get your New Years Resolution off to a flying start!

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Over-indulged this summer? Time to get back to fitness!

Lets been honest, how many of us haven’t over-indulged on holiday?  I left for Portugal last week with the good intentions of training everyday and cooking healthy lunches from our holiday apartment.  I did manage to stick to a training plan (if only to feel less guilty about the chips, ice-cream and alcohol I had consumed!  Yes, the diet did not go quite to plan.  One slip up led to another until I gave up completely and let myself go, thankfully it was only a week!

So Mon 3rd of September and it’s time to get back on track with the diet and exercise.  Here’s a few tips to help you get started!

  1.  Make yourself an exercise plan!  Whether it’s coming to classes or fitting in runs or exercise at home.  Set aside time to exercise and put it in your diary.
  2. Don’t overdo it on the first week!  Don’t attempt to train everyday and make sure you get adequate rest in between sessions.  Rest and recovery are just as important as training!
  3. Detox ‚Äď start by cutting out the obvious culprits, processed food, sugar, wheat and alcohol.¬† After a few days you‚Äôll feel better already as you‚Äôll be less bloated.
  4. Drink water!  No less than 2 litres per day.
  5. Plan your meals for the week and go food shopping.  Don’t get caught out unprepared and hungry and this is the surest way to slip up. 
  6. Don’t beat yourself up if you have put on a few pounds!  Holidays are for allowing yourself a few indulgences!   Just don’t let it continue now your back. Set yourself a realistic goal and timeframe to get back to the weight your happy with.  With a little bit of controlled eating and hard work we’ll all be looking fab again just in time for the Christmas parties!    

Look forward to seeing you all at class!



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Mondays Food Diary

6.30am Breakfast: Early start today.  Grilled some bacon on George Foreman and had with an avocado before running out door.  Bolied some eggs night before to take with me

10am snack: boiled egg

1pm lunch: Grilled chicked breast with spinach and cherry tomotoes and bolied egg

3pm snack: bag of mixed nuts

5.30pm dinner: Chicken breast with mushrooms and courgette cooked in butter

9pm cup of tea and more cashew nuts!

Slightly boring I’m afraid.¬† I need you all to post recipe ideas and give me some inspiration!

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Strength Training for fat loss

‘I don’t want to do weight training as it will make me bulk up’¬† This is a common misconception I hear all the time from female PT clients.¬†¬†Ladies,¬†you will not get bigger lifting weights!¬† Increasing muscle tissue is extremely hard work¬†and requires a lot of testosterone, a carefully structured training programme and huge amounts of protein and rest.¬† So ladies unless you’re dedicated to eating 12 eggs for breakfast and spending most of your life in the gym, you’re pretty safe!

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Kat helps Caprice stay in shape for the spotlight!

Kat has worked with celebrity model and business woman Caprice for the past 2 years.  Kat uses high intensity weight training to keep Caprice looking super tonned and fabulous.  Sessions last just 30 minutes however the intensity is kept high and the rest periods short to give Caprice a very effective all over workout.  The results speak for themselves!

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The truth about what really makes us fat

I know you‚Äôve all heard me ranting on that fat doesn‚Äôt make you fat but it seems few of you actually believe me.¬† ¬†After everything you read in the media I suppose I can‚Äôt blame you if you find this hard to grasp.¬†¬† But I want to let you in on a secret.¬† Those in control in government and media have been lying to you.¬† The ‚Äėlipid theory‚Äô which claims that saturated fat is the cause of weight gain and coronary heart disease is based on unfounded and out of date research.¬† The evidence is in front of your eyes.¬†